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December 5, 2021  | Workshop on GPT ft. GPT-3

GPT in the Real World

GPT3 for Product Managers: 7 power packed sections + 5 labs + 1 case study

Workshop Schedule

When: Saturday December 5, 2021 
(3 hours)

Section 1: Introduction
  1. Why should you care about GPT? 

  2. What is GPT3?  How was it built

  3. Who built it? What is OpenAI? 

Section 2: Use Cases
  1. Sentiment Classification

  2. Keyword Mining

  3. Haiku writing

Section 3: Intro to Prompt Design 

Getting started with Text Completion: What is a prompt? 


Deep dive into prompt components:

  1. Instructions

  2. Examples: Format, Selection, Ordering

  3. Query


Prompt Biases: 

  1. Majority Bias

  2. Recency 

Section 4A: Generation Configuration
  1. Engines (Davinci, Curie)

  2. Penalties: Presence Penalty, Frequency Penalty

  3. Temperature

  4. Top P

  5. Best of

Section 4B: Text Configuration
  1. Stop Text

  2. Restart Text

Lab 2 - Style Transfer

Attendee Exclusive

Introduction to Instruct Series

Davinci-Instruction and Curie-Instruct

Case Study:
  1. Attendee Exclusive

Lab 3 - Email Generation
  1. Given a list of points and a persona/style, convert to an email using GPT3

Labs 4 & 5 

Attendee Exclusive

Section 5: [NEW!] GPT3 Fine Tuning 
Section 6: Self-hosted GPT3 Alternatives: T0++ and GPT-J 
  1. T0++ from Huggingface

  2. GPT-J from EleutherA

Section 7 + Capstone Project: Long Form Generation

Details locked for Attendees

Workshop Instructors

Nirant Kasliwal

Nirant has built the ML stack and team at from 0 to 1 as the Founding ML Engineer. He has several years of NLP and Computer Vision experience. He has also written a book about NLP and some of his work is recommended by Stanford CS 230 and found useful by Nobel Laureates. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (2) (1).png

Dr. Wolfgang Richter

Dr. Wolfgang Richter has won awards as a teacher and researcher at CMU and UVA.  Today, he focuses on building enterprise B2B big data products at Soroco.  His research area is cloud computing, distributed systems, and security.  He is a former NSF and IBM Fellow.  He has 41+ awarded patent claims, 20+ publications, and 1 best paper award.

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